OIS is committed to seeking opportunities and sharing valuable information regarding scholarships and funding for studying abroad, both for degree and non-degree programs, in order to make them accessible and utilized by the academic community at Unisnu Jepara.

The Indonesian government has collaborated with countries in Europe and America to facilitate both degree and non-degree programs for lecturers. Some of the scholarships provided are DAAD (Germany), IASP (Austria), AAS (Australia), and AMINEF (America),  Moreover, the Ministry of Finance, through the Indonesia Endowment Funds for Education (LPDP), as well as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (MoECRT), and the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA), regularly offer scholarships for master's and Ph.D. programs, as well as several non-degree programs, such as the Bridging Program and Talent Scouting.

Several non-degree scholarships are available to support student mobility abroad, including internship and student exchange programs. Examples of these programs include the Indonesian Global Internship Program, Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA), and International Credit Transfer (ICT) provided by the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology and, MORA Overseas Student Mobility Award (MOSMA) provided by the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs.

These opportunities are not only for the academic communities at UNISNU Jepara. Therefore, OIS is committed to introducing Unisnu by providing scholarships for international students. In partnership with the internal zakat collection institution at the university (UPZ), OIS administers the Unisnu Jepara International Student Scholarship (ISS). This scholarship is provided for international students to pursue undergraduate and master's degree programs at Unisnu.