The Office of International Services (OIS) at Unisnu works hard to broaden the scope of partnerships between Unisnu Jepara and international academic and non-academic institutions, particularly in the areas of education, research, and community services.

International cooperation in education is expected to promote the establishment of beneficial programs including joint and double degrees, lecturer and student exchanges, and internships, as well as the evaluation and development of learning systems, curricula, and quality assurance. International cooperation in the field of research strives to enhance the capability and experience of lecturers and students in various research schemes, joint seminars, publications, or other collaborative programs.

As the main objectives of higher education institutions in Indonesia, all of these initiatives are meant to be put into action and beneficial to the larger community.

Our Partners

No.Document IdPartnersType of InstitutionType of AgreementScoupe AgreementContinentCountriesStatusStartEndDocument
114/MoU/UNISNU/V/2018Chaoyang University of TechnologyUniversityMoU1. Student/faculty exchange
2. Joint research
3. Joint publication
4. Short programs
2061037/MOU/2019/72Chitkara University IndiaUniversityMoU1. Joint research & academic programs
2. Faculty members exchange
3. Undergraduate & postgraduate exchange
4. Joint symposium & conference
5. Joint publication
6. Joint visiting professor/scientiest
3061037/MOU/2020/99Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)UniversityMoU1. Joint research
2. Staff/student exchange
3. Joint symposia, conference, & short course
4061037/MOU/2020/100Sokoto State Zakat and Waqf CommissionInstitutionMoU1. Joint venture project
2. Academic collaboration
3. Staff/student exchange
4. Joint publication
5061037/MOU/2022/161Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)UniversityMoU1. Faculty members exchange;
2. Student exchange;
3. Joint research;
4. Joint seminars and academic meetings;
5. Joint publication;
6. Academic material sharing;
7. Joint special and shorter academic program
AsiaMalaysiaActive17-10-202216 -10-2024download
6062037/MOU/2023/81PCINU Federasi Rusia dan Eropa UtaraInstitutionMoU1. Joint workshops and training programs
2. Joint research and development projects
3. Joint education programs
4. Cooperation in Other Areas
EurasiaRusia and Northern EuropeActive16-04-202316-04-2028download
7061037/MOU/2023/82PCINU JermanInstitutionMoU1. Joint workshops and training programs
2. Joint research and development projects
3. Joint education programs
4. Cooperation in Other Areas
8061037/MOU/2023/100Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA)UniversityMoU1. Exchange of Students
2. Joint workshops and training programs
3. Joint research and development projects
4. Joint education programs
5. Exchange of Staff
6. Exchange of Publication
7. Cooperation in Other Areas
AsiaBrunei DarussalamActive26-01-202226-01-2027download
9061037/MOU/2023/101Al Mustafa International UniversityUniversityMoU1. Education
2. Research
3. Community service
4. Other activities
West AsiaIranActive12-07-202312-07-2028download
10061037/MOA/2023/103Al Mustafa International UniversityUniversityMoAInternational SeminarWest AsiaIranActive12-07-202312-07-2024download

Cooperation Appliance

Possessing concrete evidence in the form of cooperation documents is essential to demonstrate the significance of every international activity. The basis for a partnership is provided by these documents. Any partnership between a home university and foreign universities or companies must be supported by cooperation documents, as required by the Indonesian government.

  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which is signed by the university's leadership, describes the cooperation between a home university and foreign universities or companies.
  • The Memorandum of Agreement (MoA), which outlines the specifics of the cooperation that a faculty or unit authorized by a university intends to carry out, is also signed by the leadership of the university, with deans or those heading out unit acting as witnesses.
  • Implementation of Arrangement (IA), a document that details how each point in the MoA will be put into practice, is signed by the dean or the head of the implementing unit.