The Office of International Services (OIS) at Unisnu Jepara is a unit that is run by a Head who reports directly to the Rector, with support from the Third Vice Rector. Previously known as the Office of International Affairs (Kantor Urusan Internasional), it was founded on April 11, 2015. Its main responsibilities include promoting the internationalization of Unisnu by developing, administering, sustaining, and improving the quality and quantity of international partnerships.


Developing global networks and connectivities within Unisnu Jepara under the guidance of Ahlussunnah wal Jamaah principles.


  1. Develop international academic and non-academic programs, including educational activities, research initiatives, and community service projects
  2. Promote exchange programs, international meetings, scholarships, grants, and other opportunities for lecturers, researchers, administrative staff, and students at Unisnu
  3. Organize international activities across units within Unisnu
  4. Provide high-quality services for international academic and non-academic guests at Unisnu Jepara
  5. Expand networks and international collaborations between Unisnu and educational/ non-educational institutions  on an international scale
  6. Promote Unisnu at the international level through various activities


Head of Office International Service

Muhammad Nashrul Haqqi, M.Hum.

Coordinator of Administrative and International Cooperation
Qonita Naylilhusna, S.S., M.Pd.
Coordinator of Media, Public Relations, and Services
Syahnaz Mega Arimbi, S.Pd.